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We provide innovative financing to companies that sell products and services to business clients, facilitating cross-border and domestic short term transactions on a recourse or non-recourse basis.

We specialize in providing unique financing to companies that cannot obtain traditional financing because of rigid lending practices.

We are passionate about helping our clients manage complex transactions with innovative solutions to help scale up their enterprises, regardless of the size of their business.

We are fully committed to sustainability practices and continuously working hard to concentrate our resources on triple bottom line investments searching for companies that combine financial returns, social and environmental practices.

Access Financing with more flexibility

Accounts Receivable Financing

A financing mechanism that lets companies access working capital by getting paid early in exchange for their accounts receivable minus a discount.

Location: Domestic and International with a main concentration of account debtors in the USA.

Terms: Up to 90 days

Purchase Order Finance

A financing facility that provides companies access to capital for manufactured products prior to issuing customer invoices. Once the purchase-order cycle is completed, the transaction becomes factoring financing.

Location: Domestic and International with a main concentration of account debtors in the USA.

Terms: Up to 90 days

Letters of Credit

Have long been used in international trade for companies that import and export. A letter of credit serves as a guarantee from a creditworthy financial institution to an exporter of goods.

Location: Worldwide

Terms: Up to 90 days

Supply Chain Finance

Best known as reverse factoring, this lets companies extend payment terms and provide early payments to their suppliers.

Location: United States of America (Domestic) and International, as well as importers in the LAC region.

Terms: Up to 90 days

+ $100K to $25M
Deals Size per facility

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How We Do It ... Factoring Financing Process

Purchase order is negotiated and goods are shipped by Seller to buyer.

Seller issues invoice to buyer in US dollars, payable up to 90 days.

Buyer signs acceptance of goods and endorses the invoice to SC.

Upon invoice endorsement, SC will proceed with funding of 85 % of the invoice’s face value to seller.

Upon due date, buyer sends payment to SC, which will reimburse to seller the reserve amount (15%) after deducting any applicable fees.

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